The goal of daemonic is to provide server packages (e.g. web servers, database servers) with an abstract, system-independent interface to system startup scripts and inetd.

daemonic was initially developed for the Fink project, but its scope is by design much greater than that. It was split off into a separate project to allow it to develop into a universal init-script interface.

How it works

A package that uses daemonic places an XML description for its service in a special directory, <prefix>/etc/daemons. The user can issue various commands on that description, e.g. daemonic enable apache. daemonic parses the XML description and generates appropriate startup scripts or inetd entries on the fly. The user doesn't have to worry about different init script locations, different administration utilities, runlevels and all that stuff. daemonic takes care of the system-specific details.

Current Features

daemonic currently supports only the StartupItems format used by the SystemStarter facility of Darwin and Mac OS X. Only starting services is implemented. Stopping, restarting and inetd support are under development.


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